Why Are Child Safety Recalls Down, But Injuries Still Rise?

The good news can sometimes be misleading.  Case in point, a new study shows that the number of recalls for unsafe products targeting children is down significantly.  In fact, the numbers reflect double a digit decline over the past year.
The bad news?  The number of injuries associated with such products is up 7 percent.
Child safety advocacy group Kids in Danger released a recent report which highlighted the decline.  According to the group, advances in a child safety law likely have more companies stepping up and taking notice, a fact which is the reason behind the decline in recalls.  But problems remain.
Roughly 40 percent of recalls last year involved children’s products.  Some were for products that resulted in deaths, including a bunk bed recall and a video monitor system.  Stories of childhood deaths caused by dangerous products in hardly anything new according to safety advocates.
A new law enacted in 2010 has required the makers of nearly two dozen children’s products to include registration cards with each product sold in the hope that consumers themselves would provide manufacturers with contact information in the event of a recall.  But the response has been low.  Child safety recalls are not the most publicized of recalls and compared to automotive recalls, the response is significantly less.  In some cases the difference is more than 30 percent.
Parents can be tracked, but it often depends on their shopping habits.  For example, some stores offer loyalty programs which capture consumers’ contact information.  When product safety recalls are issued the stores alert customers via email alerts.  But the emails reach only those who have signed up.  The same goes for parents who track child safety recalls through the Internet.
Advocates say that the key to higher response is in better notification.  The recent Kinds in Danger report asked the government to turn up the heat on the Consumer Product Safety Commission by requiring the CPSC to produce an annual report on recalls and their reach.  Until then, it is a tale of buyer beware.  Parents can sign up for recall updates through the CPSC’s website.
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