Teens Against Distracted Driving

Posted on Jan 20, 2011

Technology advances provide us with endless possibilities and the opportunity to multi-task, be highly efficient, and communicate easily. With those same much welcomed advances, though, unfortunately, new problems arise such as more things to distracted drivers.

Distracted driving, particularly texting while driving, is a growing phenomenon that has led to numerous deaths and even more injuries.

To help spread the word and raise awareness of the problem with this rising trend, Roswold Foundation for Injured Children sponsors Teens Against Distracted Driving. We encourage you to visit the site and sign the pledge "2 NT TXT N DRV."

According to Car & Driver Magazine, a recent study has shown that texting while driving is as dangerous than drinking and driving. This movement against distracted driving is very important because:

  1. 80 percent of all crashes arise out of a distraction according to a 100-car study by Virginia Tech.
  2. In 2008 alone, almost 6,000 people suffered fatal injuries in motor vehicle collisions that involved a distracted or inattentive driver and over 500,000 sustained injuries according to the NHTSA
  3. The problem is more common in younger, less experienced drivers under the age of 20.

Help us spread the word and become a fan of TADD on Facebook.

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