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A Bit About Us

The Mission

Roswold Foundation for Injured Children, Inc. ("RFFIC") was formed in 2009. RFFIC is a non-profit foundation dedicated to providing assistance to children struggling with the lifelong and devastating affects of a serious injury and assisting families who are struggling with the difficulties of raising seriously injured children. suggestion as soon as possible. 

The Vision

RFFIC's vision is to contribute to a life of hope, social interaction, and happiness for children suffering from severe injuries and their families and to prevent future childhood injuries. It is important to make a difference in the lives of injured children in the Kansas City community by assisting them in every way possible to reach their greatest potential and to provide injured children and their families with support on the road to recovery.

What We Do

Roswold Foundation for Injured Children was established to:


  • Raise funds to offer programs and activities to injured children.

  • Provide assistance to local Kansas City hospitals and support groups treating injured children.

  • Fulfill Children's Mercy Hospital Wish List items.

  • Organize child safety awareness events.

  • Provide child safety classes to parents to prevent childhood injuries.

  • Provide safety resources to families in need to help prevent childhood injuries.

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